In the universe of accounting software, programs are designed to satisfy one main goal of companies — tracking and dealing with numerous operations without time losses, delays. Everything is done to take control over details and not miss important information. As a brand develops, its accounting needs will do the same, and common Excel won’t be enough. That is where professional accounting applications come in handy.


If you are looking for business accounting software that guarantees continual and flexible growth for your brand, then Xero is worth considering. One of the first advantages is the unlimited number of users with every plan — no extra charges for that. Besides, this small business software offers fast and simple integration with more than eight hundred third-party applications. In turn, customers will be able to realize multicomponent operations and deal with divergent schemas for their activities without significant time losses for accurate management and dealing with suppliers and partners.

However, Xero isn’t deprived of drawbacks. The plans are different in prices and functionality, so cheapest options won’t allow you to send the necessary number of invoices or proceed with bank transactions without extra fees. Overall, the functionality is advanced and benefits with the opportunity of project management, multi-currency support, and progress tracking, but it is available in expensive plans from the provider only.


This product can be used as personal accounting software for freelancers. Besides, this solution is designed to suit the needs of small organizations and solopreneurs as well.

If you think that business accounting software offers are al the same and their brands differ only, here are a few features that differentiate these two options from each other. To start with, FreshBooks can boast of its ability not to limit the number of invoices for sending, regardless of a pricing and service plan chosen. Xero is a bit lacking in this perspective. However, the latter product is better in terms of collaboration. When it comes to FreshBooks functionality, an account owner has to pay each time adding other individuals to their plan.

The accessibility and compatibility of the application is wonderful and allows working on the go anywhere and anytime. Recurring invoicing is another beneficial feature for end users. This invoice software promotes simplified and accurate determination of tax amount, unlike similar activities in Excel or other typical solutions.

Feel free to check the program’s capabilities with a thirty-day trial period.


Of course, a lot of invoice software offers free trials, but subscription fees may seem a barrier for beginners in the field to get most out of the deal’s benefits. If it is the right scenario for you, the services of Wave will come in handy. The application under analysis doesn’t require customers to register and present their credit card details. Users are lucky to check out the capabilities of multi-currency support, unlimited invoicing, and affordable payroll integration absolutely free of charge. Among the cheapest plans available from different suppliers, this one is a true champion.

However, Wave is exactly what can be called small business software. Its functionality doesn’t offer enough room for the organization’s growth and further development. The reason for that is pretty straightforward: there is no plan divergence from this provider. At the same, the absence of any inventory tracking may seem inconvenient and troublesome for several followers of this business accounting software.

Zoho Books

If you are searching for small business software with the best automation and customization, then you have come to the right place. There is no need to start and proceed with bookkeeping tasks from scratch and over again with Zoho Books — the program will help you cope with regular duties. As a result, daunting tasks will be less demanding in terms of effort and time resources. Besides, individuals will achieve a nice chance to dedicate more attention to urgent or more specific matters. Another wonderful function is the system of notifications and reminders. With simplified data entry and automated inventory tracking, users will enjoy smooth cooperation with their teammates. Please note that adding additional users isn’t free of charge, but it’s considerably less expensive compared to FreshBook.

On the one hand, this application can boast of integration with other Zoho-brand products which are known on the market for their transparency in use and advanced functionality. On the other hand, integration with third-party applications from other companies isn’t possible. There are location-limitations for payroll as well, so this program will suit only a separate category of customers.

QuickBooks Online

Trying to find the best small business software to keep your financial data in order, any enthusiast to give a try to such services should have a thorough research on which duties can be performed with this or that solution. QuickBooks online is focused on improving customer experience by providing all sorts of knowledge and training for interested parties. The support team is second to none, and their assistance is one of the best in the class.

Since you feel backed-up your possible errors and mistakes will be fixed and solved, you will be able to operate the system in a more confident and calm manner. The UX is excellent. With the help of the accessibility of all accounting features on one menu, the learning curve is as simple as ABC. It is far from a challenging task to implement the services of QuickBooks Online into your company’s daily performance.

This business accounting software is scalable and cloud-based. The presence of a separate mobile application makes it a more valuable choice for the target audience. However, customers will face difficulties with payroll and inventory tracking. The price tag is premium too. The number of users is limited and depends on the plan selected. The rule of thumb is obvious: the less you pay, the less functionality you will achieve.

Wrap It Up

This list of small business software for accounting needs represents functional and flexible solutions that are suitable for several banking operations. All you need to do is to compare pricing plans and decide which option is satisfactory and complements your objectives.